Battle Shots Drinking Game

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-08 at 15.55.28It appears a version of Battleship has been invented for those who actually leave their dorm rooms on Friday nights. Battle Shots, in a hilarious way tries to combine analytical thinking and strategic plotting with alcohol, in a shot-sinkin’ drinking game.It’s the type of competition that will repeatedly end up with all players pretty wasted.

You can try out this drinking game at one of our events.

How to play Battle Shots

  1. Prepare for the battle:
    • after you install the Battle Shots table, you should sit opposite from your opponent facing each other.
    • You can play one vs one or you can play in teams of two.
  2. Secretly arrange your Battle Shots:
    • place your ships on the table, you can do this horizontally or vertically.
    • You should have one Battleship that contains 3 shots, two Destroyers with 2 shots each and one submarine containing one shot.
    • Let your opponent know when you’re ready to begin, make sure they don’t see how you arranged your ships.
  3. Rock – Paper – Scissors: 
    • Determine who plays the first turn.
  4. Call your shot:
    •  On your turn, call out the coordinates where you believe your opponent has positioned one of theirs ships.(example – A3, G4 ,C7)
    • If your opponent had a ship there, he would respond “hit”. You now know where a piece of his ship was, without knowing if it’s a 2 or 3 length ship, so you continue to guess around that area until your opponent responds “sunk”, notifying you that you called the ships entire position out.
    • You can keep track of your guesses on a paper board, you should mark with X’s where a mark is hit and with O’s where a target is missed
  5. Sink all your opponent’s Battle Shots to win:
    • The loser must consume all the remaining Battle Shots.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-08 at 15.55.28jh





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